Nostalgia Sweets n Treats

Bringing back the flavour that we grew up with and led by Pastry Chef, Amanda Hagerman, who describes her newly launched company as:

Nostalgia is a whimsically delicious return to a memorable taste of home. Pastry has long been my passion since I was a child stubborn enough to haul a chair up to the counter and bake a vanilla cake along side my Grandma, Aunt and Mother. There have been several willing and some skeptical victims of experimental projects along the way. Without making mistakes, one would never learn! Growing up, my passion blossomed into a career which I am happy and proud to be a part of. I love every day that I am covered head to toe in chocolate, flour or some form of gooeyness and am a firm believer that the sweetest things come from baking from the heart. My partner Lyndsey and I are dedicated to taking you along our Nostalgic journey and bringing a little piece of our hearts to your home.

What makes this better for all of you reading Canada Gay Weddings, is that this is an LGBTQ owned and operated business, and based on personal experience… these treats are awesome!

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