When it comes to fashion, we trust our designers… more so, we trust Anna Wintour because she pretty much decides what we wear.  It’s like that scene in Devil Wears Prada, where Meryl Streep casually declares to Anne Hathaway the subtle differences in blues that filter down from the top designers right down to the bargain bin.

When it comes to colour trends, everyone from Vanity Fair right down to your corner-of-the-web blogger turns to one place… Pantone.

From fabric designers to fashion curators, these teams of influencers pick what we splash on our walls or in our wardrobes, what colour our new couch should be and even what colour the flowers at your wedding should be.

Now, keep in mind, this is no substitute for personal preference… but just the guidelines.

And so we present to you, from the “bible of colour” via the Pantone website, the top colour trends for 2015:



Aquamarine – described as an “airy blue with a dream feel” it’s said to be a psychologically soothing colour that reduces stress.

Scuba Blue – a more playful tone offering a feeling of escape with the reminiscence of a Tropical Ocean.

Lucite Green – this colour makes me think of mint ice-cream… light and tasty with a creamy appearance.

Classic Blue – “Strong and Reliable”  classic blue is the epitome of thoughtful and introspective.

Toasted Almond – ideal for the naturalist, this colour denotes tradition and that outdoorsy feel.

Strawberry Ice – subtle and charming is how this colour is described…  one of my two favourites for 2015.

Tangerine – bold, bright and in your face… this colour is ideal for someone that wants their wedding to be the same way

Custard – easy on the eyes and a great accent colour, this colour gives one the thoughts of family and warmth

Marsala – just like the wine, this colour denotes warmth and richness… definitely something I would pair with antique styles

Glacier Gray – the colour that beats all the rest this year! My favourite! Cool and elegant, enhancing any colour you pair it with.

That’s it for the colours, for more tones and suggestions, head on over to the Pantone website and get some colour inspiration for you daily life!



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