Pay your Wedding Flowers Forward

It could be the first charitable act you perform together as newlyweds… and donating your wedding flowers is totally doable. Bouquets, ceremony displays and even the floral table arrangements can all be recycled instead of ending up in a dumpster behind your wedding venue.

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Many local non-profit organizations (or those that serve the terminally ill, inform or elderly) will take your donations happily. There are even some specialty florists and/or event planners that will do all of this for you, but if yours doesn’t, consider Googling your local hospice, retirement homes, women and children’s shelters, and hospitals in advance to ask about arrangements for donations. Be creative in your searches. Whose day do you want to brighten?

Here’s a service in New York showing how the wedding flower love is shared across their city:

If you want to donate your wedding day flowers but can’t find anyone to take them, consider sharing them with family, friends, neighbours… or even the mailman/woman. Anything not gifted away can be taken to community veggie gardens and added to their composting programs.

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