Plan your Wedding in the Woods

Planning your wedding in a forest or wooded area will definitely give you that fairytale wedding vibe. If you’re not using a wedding planner, here are a few key things to remember to keep the entire day unforgettable… in a good way.

Have plenty of lighting. It gets really dark in the woods at night. Really, scary, dark. Light it up.


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Make sure you have plenty of seating. Set up areas for guests to relax and mingle. Be as formal or informal as you want.


Photo Credit: © Twin Hearts Photography

Provide places for your guests to tinkle. Depending on how far away from a main building or comfortable amenities your wedding takes place, ensure you’ve got some toilets readily accessible for guests.


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Lastly, bug repellent. ‘Nuff said.  Get the citronella or whatever else you need burning all around you.


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Now all you have left to do is enjoy. :)


Photo Courtesy of A Colorado Courtship



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