Planning a Honeymoon in Thailand

Congratulations you and your partner are planning a honeymoon in Thailand! For same-sex couples, Thailand is a welcoming and inclusive country that attracts people from around the world. No matter where you’re from, LGBTQ couples are not only welcomed but embraced in this Asian country. 

Here are some of the activities you and your partner should definitely consider when visiting Thailand. 

Visit the Islands

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Thailand has some of the most beautiful beaches and islands in the world. If you travel across the world to visit, you absolutely must visit its islands, including Ko Phi Phi. Take a long boat out to some of their most popular beaches, and experience the crystal clear waters for yourself. Don’t forget to bring some food and feed the fish!

Visit the Elephants

Thailand is home to many elephant sanctuaries, and the experience of getting up close and personal with one of the earth’s most majestic creatures is not one to pass up. Book a day with the elephants and you won’t regret it, but make sure you find a tour that really helps the elephants rather than takes advantage of them. For example, no elephant riding! 

You can take pictures with them, pet them, bond with them, feed them, wash them and even smell their poo (the guides will probably make you do this, but don’t worry, it doesn’t smell!)


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You absolutely cannot forget to party and enjoy! Thailand has some of the wildest parties in the world, namely Full Moon Party on one of its islands, so make sure to let loose and enjoy all that the country has to offer! Enjoy your time in Bangkok, see all that you can on Khao San Road and in Phuket (two of the wildest areas) and embrace the country’s crazy antics with your life partner. There certainly won’t be judgement or prejudice on your Thailand honeymoon, so enjoy!  

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