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Kate and Karen

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“We love white so asked all the guest to dress in white which added a really beautiful summer party feel. Part of my family is from Belgium (where myself and my sisters were born) and we all love the south of France so we wanted to go with that South of France, country feel. Really simple, a little rustic and just beautiful, white flowers in mason jars, lavender, etc. Karen grew up in Montreal, so there is French on both sides. We had a lot of French music on our playlist through dinner along with some country (which we both LOVE) and jazz. I am a crazy sweet tooth which is why there were cupcakes, a cake, dessert and a candy bar. haha. We both love the loft where we live which is why we chose the party room which has a beautiful outdoor space. We chose a small wedding to keep it really intimate, which it was. :) All around our perfect day.”

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Ruby Watchco Restaurant

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Mango Studios


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Bobette & Belle


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