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On the day of her mother’s wedding, I had the most wonderful 2-minute mini-photoshoot with Sheila & Laine. As their hands met, I felt entirely humbled. I’ve never met a couple so in love, and that says a lot being a wedding photographer. They absolutely give each other their all; A rare trait today indeed. I’ve been known to be frequently in awe, and the day I took their photos it was nothing short of that.

We had been planning a shoot for some time, and after a few delays, postponings & weddings, we had finally set a date. Anxiety grew, as a tall order fell upon me. I truly love what I do, so I consider it a blessing to be doing it full-time. That being said, I felt a great ship of emotions riding towards me. How can I possibly put into pictures, how much they mean to each other? Thoughts of doubt rested deep in my mind, but I knew I had to do something.

The day arrived, and I was overwhelmed with nervousness & a precarious notion of self-doubt, uncommon to me normally. A gloomy mist had poured over Toronto that day. Staying in contact all day, we knew the chance of cancellation was high. As our time approached, I decided to start on my way regardless of the weather. I met them at their home, and began getting to know them more personally. Watching them pick outfits was so fun, it was as though they knew each others tastes better than their own!

Then, magically, the rain clouds parted! We (literally) jumped & ran outdoors to our first location in the funky Junction. We felt nothing but positive vibes as shop owners and pedestrians alike gave us the space we needed to go about on our journey! A very warm thank-you to Ice Cream Junction, Crema Coffee Co., & Indie Alehouse for allowing us to use their space.

A quick skip & hop down the street to High Park, and we were given a gorgeous sunset along with Toronto’s absolute best green scape. Picnicking with some of their favorite books kept the shoot honest and true-to-nature for these two bookworms, both of which are immensely involved in LGBT culture and policy.

I had an unbelievable time shooting these two, and have gained an on-going, beautiful friendship because of it! I am excited to show you all these photos and tell you a bit about the story. Enjoy & be well.

Thanks and all the best,

Written & Photographed by

Dan Osadtsuk
Owner|Operator – The Dan Osadtsuk Photography Co.

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