Same-Sex Couple Shares Navy’s Ceremonial Homecoming Kiss

When Canadian Naval vessels come home after a long deployment, they hold an on-board raffle to determine which sailor gets to disembark first and kiss their waiting loved-one for all to see. We Canadians do love our traditions.

On Wednesday, the Canadian HMC Winnipeg returned from 255 days at sea, and Master Seaman Francis Legare was the first to disembark. Legare’s partner, Corey Vautour, was there waiting with open arms.

canada navy

Photo Credit: Corporal Brent Kenny, Esquimalt Base Imaging, Crown © Via Buzzfeed

Legare and Vautor’s kiss was met with boisterous applause from fellow sailors and spectators, and was the first same-sex couple in Canadian Naval history to share the ceremonial homecoming kiss. Welcome home sailor! ;)

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