Should you say “I do” to Wedding Insurance?

Sometimes disaster strikes. We watch enough reality TV to know that terrible things can happen during the long wait for the big day. Your wedding has a lot of moving parts—venue, caterers, photographers, music, transportation, attire, and so on and so on. Any number of things can go sideways. Last minute venue cancellations, damaged gowns or tuxedos, or maybe your limo driver doesn’t show up and you have to call someone else at the last-minute and pay those ridiculous last-minute prices.

Photo Courtesy of DesiPandora

Enter wedding insurance. Do you need it? Maybe. If you’ve made a huge investment in your big day, a little extra insurance might be wise. But before you buy, check with each of your vendors to see how they might be covered. There’s no need to pay additional dollars for overlapping coverage. When you put your deposit down, ask for a copy of their policy.

Most wedding insurance coverage will include problems with the site, extreme weather, vendor no-shows, and sickness or injury to key people. But every insurance policy and wedding scenario are different, so be sure to go over the details of the policy and determine what you want coverage for. (For example, wedding rings may be covered, but engagement rings may not.) As with any insurance, there will likely be a maximum amount, and a deductible will also apply.

When planning the budget for your big day, be sure to calculate the pros and cons of wedding insurance. A little coverage can afford some big peace of mind.

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