Should your Wedding be a Cabaret Affair?

Oh yes please! And make sure you remember to add us to the invite list. But… Cabaret! Ooohhhh…. top hats and feathers, oh my.


Photo Courtesy of XS Entertainment

As far as wedding themes go, this is one of the most extravagant, with miles of over-the-top helpings of anything goes.  It can be anywhere from zero to Burlesque. To get started, find yourself the perfect venue. An old historic theatre, or perhaps you live close to a velvet door lounge? (Like Cherry Cola’s in Toronto.) If none of that works, then set your cabaret in a hotel lobby, on a private road, or in your own backyard. It’s your cabaret… day.


Photo Courtesy of Clubzone

Next, find your perfect wardrobe. You don’t have to go all Burlesque with something so risqué that your out-of-towner grandparents require rapid hits from the ol’ smelling salts. (Unless Meemaw is up for it.) For the grooms, consider a dashing gent vibe.


Photo Courtesy of Book of Burlesque

And for the entertainment. Hire some Cabaret singers and Burlesque dancers to welcome guests and keep the whole vibe on point. Keep an iPod playlist of all your favourite show tunes playing in the background.


Photo Courtesy of The Knot

Now all you have to do is invite your guests. Cabaret invitations are the way to go, of course.

“Life is a cabaret, old chum
So come to the cabaret”  – Liza Minnelli – Cabaret

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