Smooth Sailing for your High Seas Gay Wedding

A cruise is a chance to visit new places, experience new adventures, discover new ways to play, and become part of a community of vacationers filled with friends old and new in a floating hotel. The perks? You only have to unpack once while you get to visit multiple destinations and you can have your wedding AND honeymoon all in one. Can you say Ahoy matey?

Photo Courtesy of Atlantis Events

While most cruise lines these days are LGBT-friendly (even offering regular LGBTQ ‘cocktail hours’) not all of the passengers may be as open to your profound love for each other. The Atlantis Cruise line is a specialty tour company that offers an all-gay cruising experience, and it caters to you and your personality. No two days aboard their ships are the same. Whatever your dream cruise may be; learning a sport, taking a class, strolling through ports, quiet book-time on your balcony, or massive ship-wide parties, Atlantis has you covered. 

Photo Courtesy of Atlantis Events

If you’re planning your nuptials for the same time, Atlantis also works with other cruise lines in order to lead the way with same-sex wedding packages. If you want to sneak off in a Port city to tie the knot, the cruise line is your go-to resource who will have all the legalities sorted out for you. (Be sure to check with your travel agent to ensure you have all the necessary paperwork for your marriage prior to crossing the gangway.)

Want to know what an exclusive gay cruise looks like with Atlantis? Click the image below to watch their videos on Vimeo.


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