Something Blue for the Groom

Traditionally, the ‘something blue’ worn by brides at weddings was to ward off the evil eye. Who’s evil eye, I’m not entirely sure. The mother-in-law maybe? (We’ll have to ask the Greeks, it’s their tradition.) But as old traditions break away, new traditions take their place. And why wouldn’t a groom want to ward off the evil eye too? That’s just smart planning.

evil eye

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Blue is a happy colour, it’s nature’s colour. Blue (in all its shaded glory) symbolizes trust, dignity, intelligence, authority, cleanliness, strength, dependability, peace, serenity, ethereal, spiritual, infinity, trust, loyalty, cleanliness, and understanding. Sounds like it should be at your wedding, right? Here’s a few great ways for the Groom to wear his something blue.


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