Most Sought After Gay Wedding Destinations in the World

Cooler weather or warm, weddings days are always special. As a gay couple, you must also be dreaming of an awe-inspiring wedding destination. A stunning backdrop, ocean view cliffs, chalk white sands, lush green forests, rolling hills–the idea of getting married in a scenic location itself is so exciting! The options for gay wedding venues are endless. All you need to do is let your imagination run loose.

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Whether you and your partner are in a mood to go for a beach party or an expensive castle wedding somewhere in Europe; gay wedding venues need careful selection. Not all countries have legalized gay weddings thus it’s not necessary that every place of your choice will be a hub for the romantic outdoor extravaganza. You want to feel welcome on your special day and that means, a wedding venue which is conducive to gay weddings.

Some of the most sought after gay wedding destinations around the world are


Canada is considered as one of the most sought after non-European gay wedding destinations. As a gay couple, you can tie the knot with the cascading Niagara Falls as a backdrop or say your vows in the thriving port city of Vancouver. Charming wedding destinations dotting the landscape across the country offers plentiful opportunities for LGBT couples.


Surrounded by silvery seas, Iceland is well known for its surreal beauty and biodiversity. Hot springs, snow-capped mountains, active volcanoes, colorful buildings; the country offers a great deal of interesting venues for gay weddings. Call it a playground for nature lovers or ‘The Land of Fire and Ice’, Iceland guarantees to be an out of ordinary choice as a wedding venue. Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital or southern Iceland with geysers, quaint villages, and verdant national parks there are plenty of delightful locations to fit any dream wedding plans.

New Zealand

New Zealand is a wonderful wedding and honeymoon destination for gay couples. The country’s amazing landscape and its progressive thinking have put it on the list of topmost international gay wedding destinations. Tranquil native forests, sandy coastline or deep blue lakes, your romance can turn fruitful in this majestic part of the world.


Castles, country homes, hotels, there are an awesome bunch of exclusive gay wedding venues set in idyllic locations in England. If you and your partner both desire a quiet affair with few guests, the tranquil rural settings or a privately owned country homes hold great charm. Has the English royalty always intrigued you? When the wedding plans are meant to be grand with a touch of history and legend, look for baronial castles and stately homes available on rent for gay nuptials.


Want your wedding photographs to be amazing? Choose the wedding venue that matches a fairy tale location or a Hollywood movie site that has come to life. Fine wine, sexy-music, groovy tango, delicious barbecue; Argentina is a gay-friendly destination. Buenos Aires, the country’s capital is not only a hot-spot where gay lovers crave to spend their vacation but is also an extremely popular LGBT wedding destination.

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