The Personalized Wedding Gift Roundup

Giving a gift to your betrothed on your wedding day isn’t really tradition, but it is a thoughtful surprise. And who doesn’t like gifts? From what we’ve seen, the best received gifts are those that are personalized and say something about the couple. (Some say a little more than others.)

Check out this awesome artwork. It’s so… heartfelt.


Photo Courtesy of Themetapicture

A year of dates in a box. Nothing says sexy like a game of nude monopoly on your first year anniversary.

dates in a box

Photo Courtesy of The Babes Ruth

A racy couples boudoir masterpiece above the sofa in the living room is a great conversation starter. You know, with grandma…


Photo Courtesy of Buzzfeed

Turn your love story into a coffee table book of art. Use real photos or engage a graphic artist to create the comic book version of your life together.

love story

Photo Courtesy of Etsy

Forget matching towel sets, say hello to matching jewelery. Like these sweet matchy bracelets for the her and her or the him and him.


Photo Courtesy of Wanelo

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