The Wedding Day Diet

While we don’t advocate for #sheddingforthewedding, it is important to keep a healthy diet during the (sometimes) stressful planning as well as the big day itself. Most celebrations involve food, and plenty of it. If there was any day to feel your best, it’s your Wedding Day. If you eat yourself into a spinach-dip coma at your rehearsal dinner, you might be in for a bumpy (and bloaty) night. You need energy to pull this off, and energy comes from the proper fuel.

The goal is to fuel your body with food that lets blood-sugar levels rise slowly, so you don’t get light-headed or pitch an emotional fit due to unstable sugar levels. You also need proteins to keep you awake and dancing the night away with the love of your life.


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For breakfast, considering kicking off your day with a small bowl of oatmeal, or some peanut butter toast with a side of fruit. A little Greek yogurt with granola or a small whole grain bagel with light cream cheese are also great options. The soluble fiber in oatmeal slows the absorption of glucose, keeping your blood-sugar levels steady. The whole grain-fat combos will energize you without bloat and help fight off any upset tummy issues that come with pre-wedding jitters.


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For the rest of the day, eat often with light snacks. Enlist help from someone in the wedding party to remind you. Light proteins like almonds, trail mix, crackers, cheese, and granola/protein bars mixed with veggies are good options. It’s a busy day and there is a lot going on, remembering to eat something will be more difficult than you may think.


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Most importantly, stay hydrated. Keep the water and fruit juices flowing for a proper wedding glow.

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