Things to Consider if you’re Planning to Elope

Planning an elopement is a personal thing. It’s both exciting and daring, and it’s also one way to deal with any social or budget stresses surrounding your wedding. Even though this day is about you and your partner, there are things to consider if you plan to elope.

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For one, you might receive some strong reactions from family and friends. And not all of them good. Some family may not understand and you should be prepared to explain your decision. You don’t need to justify, but acknowledging their feelings and giving them some time to absorb the news can go a long way.

You also likely won’t have an audience for your wedding. The only person you can play the “remember when…” game with in the years to come will be your spouse. Consider hiring a great photographer who can capture and document your wedding story with all the details in order to share with friends and family when you return.

Image / ElopeNiagara

Be prepared for some unexpected feelings—from yourself! The last thing you may be thinking about is any regrets down the road. Make sure that your feelings for eloping are stronger than your feelings to plan a wedding surrounded by loved ones. Considering jotting down a pros/cons list to ensure you’ve considered all the possibilities.

Lastly, consider having a pre/post party to celebrate with loved ones. This is a great time to go over photos, give speeches, have toasts, and maybe wear that wedding outfit one more time. :)

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