Do you think your wedding business is LGBTQ friendly?

It’s important to earn the trust of the LGBTQ wedding market. Do you think your wedding business is LGBTQ friendly? Take this quick quiz!

1. Do you believe that planning a gay wedding is the same as planning a straight wedding?

2. Do you pre-screen the vendors you recommend to ensure that they are also gay friendly?

3. In your correspondence with clients, do you use gender neutral language? (contracts, forms etc.)

4. Do you incorporate images from LGBTQ and straight weddings in your marketing?

5. Do you have an anti-discrimination policy for you and your staff to follow?

If you answered NO to ANY of the above questions, I encourage you to keep reading! I know that I asked myself the same questions and though I felt I was a gay friendly wedding vendor I realized my business materials conveyed the opposite of what I was trying to communicate to the LGBTQ wedding market.

The good news is that the Gay Wedding Institute certification course is coming to Toronto on October 9 and we can all learn how to better serve this market (and as a result, grow our business). This full day course is fun, has lots of activities and will talk us through all these questions (and lots of others). Registration is now open at

I hope you will join me for a great day of education to better serve ALL our clients!


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