Three Things You MUST Consider When Planning Your Wedding Reception

One of the things I highly encourage engaged couples to do is really seek out a space that reflects them somehow. Sometimes that means they end up having a barn wedding, a winery wedding, a resort wedding, a cottage wedding, a castle wedding, a lavender farm wedding – there are no shortage of neat places to get married! Thinking outside the hall MAY increase your wedding budget but at the end of the day, the area where you are spending most of this money is the thing that more accurately reflects you both. When planning your wedding reception here are three really important things you must consider when choosing or planning your wedding reception:

Site Visit – make sure you and your vendors (who haven’t been to this venue before) do a site visit to ensure that you are aware of all of the quirks of the place. Some vendors argue there is no money in site visits but I strongly feel that the success of their service can be impacted by not doing the homework.

Accessibility – you may know of a guest or two in your family who requires an elevator to get to washrooms or to assist in the movement from cocktails to dinner. Make sure that when you’re doing your site visit you take note of where the washrooms are located in every space that you will be in on the wedding day. If there aren’t accessible options you might consider bringing in a trailered washroom (comfort station) to accommodate these people. Even if no one on the guest list currently needs any of the above you never know what can happen in the months leading up to your wedding day so it is worth noting just in case.

Rain Back-up Plan – you need one. We all want to think (and cross our fingers and toes) that your wedding day weather will be absolutely incredible but what if it isn’t? Make sure that you really understand WHAT the rain back-up plan looks like and when the venue calls this on the wedding day. You want to make sure that when choosing your reception location you consider this before you book because if you really don’t like your rain back-up plan it could really bother you worrying about it.
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