Top 3 Things your Guests will Remember about your Wedding

Weddings are busy, there’s a lot going on and a lot to take in. (That’s why it takes so long to organize one.) Having your guests enjoy themselves and remember your big day as one of the best they’ve ever attended depends on all kinds of things. We’ve got your top 3.

1. The Venue/Atmosphere – A gorgeous backdrop sets the tone and mood for the entire day and night.


Photo Courtesy of WeddingRelation

2. The Comfort Level – Are they too hot? Too cold? Did they get rained on? Were the chairs uncomfortable? Were they cramped at tables? Was there crazy drama that made things awkward? This underlying feeling of comfort will line their memories for years to come.


Photo Credit: © Erich McVey

3. The Food – Creative cuisine (and plenty of it) that tastes amazing is the way to go. Inedible food they don’t recognize (or not enough) will cause discomfort. (Refer to #2 above.)


Photo Credit: © Dave&Charlotte Photography

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