Top Styles for Same Sex Wedding Flowers

Flowers are an underestimated element of any wedding. They can bring a theme to life and bring out your personality and taste. In same sex weddings, there’s an extra element of fun because you can decide if you want the floral elements to exactly match or simply complement each other. 

Here are some styles we love. These can help you get inspired for your own wedding. 

Complementary Bouquets

image via Christian Headlines

Every bride has their own unique style, and that’s why we love complementary bouquets for lesbian weddings. Sometimes in a couple there’s a more feminine bride who might prefer a traditional bouquet of roses of a collection of colourful wildflowers. We love seeing two brides with two very distinct styles. Nothing captures and exemplifies that difference better than customized flowers. 

image via Stitch and Tie

Different flowers, different sizes, different colours. No one says two brides need to share the same choice of flowers.  

Matching Boutonnieres 

image via equally wed

On the flip side, we adore matching boutonnieres when it comes to gay weddings. Similar elements can tie a look together. Because boutonnieres are smaller and simpler than full bouquets, it’s nice to have identical flowers. 

Whether the suit matches or you have a tie versus a bowtie, these matching flowers are the perfect accent to unify you as a couple. 

image via Tobey Nelson

What do you think? Do you prefer an exact match or complementing styles when it comes to same sex wedding flowers? 

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