Top Tips to Save Big on Your Wedding Day

Budgeting a wedding is hard, and it’s all too easy to get swept up in the many options and overspend. When it comes down to it, there are some splurges that are just frivolous.

Here are four places you can save and four of the most important areas to spend. 

Save on venue rental: go outdoors

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Today’s weddings are all about embracing nature. For an extra sweet ceremony, why not host it at home or in a public outdoor space.

Save on everything with a smaller guest list

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The cost of your wedding is directly proportionate to how many people you invite, since the bulk of costs come from food and drink. If you want to cut costs, the best way is to cut the guest list. 

Save on decor and gifts with DIY

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When it comes to decor, if you make it yourself, it will have so much more significance. You’d be amazed at what some wood and twinkle lights can do to make your wedding spectacular. 

Save on stationary by going digital

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Printed invites are overrated. Today, you can build a website, invite guests, and share engagement photos and stories with friends and family all for free!

Four places to spend: food, entertainment, vendors and your looks

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You want to look your best, eat well, party all night and have great souvenirs to remember it all. Don’t skimp on any of those areas and you’ll look back on your wedding with nothing but pride. 

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