Want a Cheap, Normal Wedding?

You don’t have to opt in to a big gay wedding just because your partner is the same sex. Your wedding day should be a perfect reflection of you and your relationship. If you’re more excited about the happy-ever-after than the glitz and glam that goes along with the idea of big and gay, then do what needs to be done. Live your wedding dream!


Photo Courtesy of YouTube

Here’s Dan Reeveland, a relatively new YouTuber from the UK who chats about his “happiest, most perfect day ever” and there’s nothing big or fat about it. What’s so completely awesome about Dan and his honest (and detailed) video, is that he says it like it is. He also has a joyously colourful vocabulary (read cusses a lot) so if you’re easily offended by language, this might not be for you. If you stick around to the end, he offers a few tips for the big day, like “keep track of your drink” and other gems.

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