The world of Weddings is filled with various traditions, ideas and fun.  But there are a few things that seem like a good idea at the time, and turn into the worst nightmares that can completely wreck your day.  This is my list of the Top Five Wedding DON’T-EVEN-THINK-ABOUT-DOING-THIS!!

1. Scented Candles

A Wedding without Candles is like a Red Velvet Cupcakes without the Cream Cheese Frosting, it’s just not done.  But scented candles are a huge no-no.  They may smell good in your home, but when filling an entire room that already has the fresh flowers everywhere as well as the aroma of all the different foods that will be served… think about it… how much can your nose take?

2. Revealing Gowns

This should go without saying.  Even if you are not the traditional type, lets at least maintain a modicum of decorum people.  Great Aunt Sally doesn’t want to see your thong, and your father most certainly doesn’t want to see your breastesess barely covered by a nipple-cap bodice.

3. Live Butterfly Invitations

So you are having your fairytale wedding, and you think it’s a good idea to send out those little boxes where your guest-to-be opens the lid and this beautiful little butterfly flutters about as if to enhance your fairytale invitation… no.  Just no.  Aside from the fact that the little creature could scare the crap out of someone with a phobia for insects, it could also be dead, or still “asleep”… above all else, it’s just tacky.


4. Animals

While it may seem like a good idea to have Fido and Fluffly run down the aisle in little tutus and tuxedos, unless you are an animal trainer or zoo keeper, avoid animals.  They are unpredictable and, well, just take a look at this…


5. Inviting your Ex

“Oh but we are friends”… noooooooooooope!  There will always be feelings if there was love, and the last thing you want is jealousy, drunken speeches and just in general, making the ex feel awkward.  Just don’t do it.


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