Wedding Fashion: Gender Norms be Damned

Selecting what to wear is only one of countless wedding hurdles that you can face while planning your big day.

Fashion can be full of emotional triggers. Everyone has very different ideas about their bodies and how clothes should fit on said body. Clothes speak to identity, empowerment, and how one feels about oneself. This is important every day of our lives, but on very special days (like your wedding day) it can be traumatic not to have anything to wear. Not everyone identifies with the traditional design of female clothing or the cut and fit of men’s clothing, and the panic of finding the perfect outfit can be debilitating. Especially when all your friends and family start stalking you with questions about it.


Photo Courtesy of Tommy Ton

Finding a great tailor for a custom look (that is true to you) is a great way to kick that potential trauma to the curb. Find something that makes you happy, even if it’s out of character for your every day look. Wedding traditions and gender norms be damned. :)


Photo Courtesy of Stellar Events

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