What’s a minimoon and should I take one?

Have you considered a minimoon? Whether you’re having an understated wedding and want a low key honeymoon, or if you’re having an over-the-top wedding and there’s not much left in the budget for an equally extravagant honeymoon, either way a minimoon is the perfect solution!

What’s a minimoon?

Glad you asked! A minimoon, or miniature honeymoon, is a shorter simpler version of a traditional honeymoon. Honeymoons often see couples travelling to tropical or exotic destinations, a minimoon is a simpler, more close-to-home, version. Essentially, a minimoon is a glorified weekend getaway for a newly married couple.

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Advantages of a minimoon

First off, the price is a big plus. It’s far less expensive to book a weekend away than to reserve a week-long vacation down south. 

Second, you don’t have to take so much time away from home. If you have work commitments, or if you and your partner don’t want to be apart from your family for too long, a weekend is just enough time to celebrate your union.

A getaway with your partner is one of the best ways to truly get excited about the commitment you’ve made to each other, so if a full blown honeymoon isn’t in the cards for whatever reason, commit to a minimoon instead and you won’t regret it. You deserve to treat yourselves! 

Types of Minimoons

Spa weekend 

Nothing says relaxation quite like a spa! After a hectic wedding, why not take a few days to get away with your spouse at a nearby spa. Bring your bathing suits and a bottle of champagne and celebrate!

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Weekend excursion


If you don’t want to relax at the spa you can explore a nearby city. There are lots of rural towns with sweet bed and breakfast options, or you can take a quick road trip to a neighbouring state or province.

Combining a fun physical activity with your mini trip can be the perfect way to enjoy your alone time together. We’re sure whatever you choose, you’ll have a blast. You’ll be newlyweds after all!

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