What’s on your Wedding Bar Menu?

All weddings have a big focus on food and refreshments. Just think about how much of your budget is allocated to feeding your guests! While the appetizers, dinner, and dessert are very important, the bar menu often gets left out of wedding planning discussion and conversation. Whether you decide to have a paid bar, a toonie bar, or an open bar, there are a couple of options you should consider.

First and foremost, use a signature drink (or a few) as your headline for your wedding bar menu. These drinks should reflect your dinner menu, colour scheme, or wedding theme. Think this way: If your dinner menu is Italian or Chinese, try suggesting drinks from the same culture. If your wedding colours are bright and bold, use coloured liquors in your drinks to play up the tones. If you are having a fall themed wedding, try using drinks with orange, red, and yellow tones to reflect the colours of changing leaves.


Photo Courtesy of Hey Wedding Lady

Basic drinks are easy to offer up at your reception. They serve as a good option for people who have already tried a signature drink, and want to switch back to a staple for the rest of the night. Make sure to cover all the standard options here. Offer a couple of good reds, whites, beers, all typical spirits, and juice/soda mix.

A fun option to consider instead of a signature drink is the Brides/Grooms recommendations. Whether it be joint recommendations, or each Bride (or Groom) adds a favourite cocktail recommendation. This adds a personal touch to the wedding’s bar menu and gives the guests some insight into the couples likes and dislikes.


Photo Courtesy of Borrowed and Blue

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