Your Big Western Wedding

So, you’re a cowboy (or cowgirl, or cowperson) and love all things country and western. You’re just not sure how to sneak some leather chaps, a mechanical bull, and a whole lot of hay bales into your wedding day. Well, believe it or not, you’re not alone. The western wedding theme is a rising trend this year.


Photo Credit: © Austin Wedding Photographer

Couples all over Canada are selecting barns, farms and ranches as their wedding venue and wowing their family and friends with the classy elegance of a good ‘ol fashioned western feel par-tay. (Yeehaw!)

The three most important things to remember for a western-theme wedding are:

1. Your boots, your hat, and your belt buckle. (I mean, clearly, it’s practically Marshal law. And you need to be ready for all the boot scootin’.)


Photo Courtesy of EasyWeddings

2. Rig your saloon as the focal point. (The watering hole is where everyone moseys and mingles.)


Photo Courtesy of DecorCraze

3. Get your Do-See-Do music list lined up. (This will include any number of traditional line dances.)


Photo Courtesy of TLSEntertainmentFL

Now git along to plannin’!

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