• Caden & Matt


    Our wedding day was never really our focus,” Caden explains to me. “We wanted to build a life together, our wedding day was about having a gigantic party for all of our friends and family.” A gigantic party that was 9 years in the planning.

    As the ceremony began so did the rain. It started as a pitter patter and then began to pour, washing out the outdoor ceremony that Matt and Caden had hoped for. But after some quick thinking, they turned the situation of the room around. The grooms huddled in the doorway, the patio of the Ridgeway Restaurant spread out behind them. And although the room was a little cramped, there were beaming faces all around. It was impossible not to be caught up in the excitement and the joy that these two shared.



    Wedding Date : September 21, 2013
    Location : Ridgeway, Ontario
    Ceremony : The Ridgeway Restaurant
    Reception : The Sanctuary, Centre for the Arts
    Photographer : 2Bride Photography

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