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    LGBTQ Travel to Bali, What You Need to Know

    Bali, Indonesia was rated the #1 Honeymoon destination in the world for 2019, but that’s not all good news for LGBTQ couples. While Bali is an understanding and inclusive South East Asian gem, Indonesia as a country has a long way to go before same sex couples can feel 100%


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    Thumbnail image for 3 Perfect Destination Weddings inside Canada

    The luxurious Fairmont Pacific Rim in Vancouver is a stunning place to make your one-in-a-lifetime dream come true. With breathtaking views […]

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    Thumbnail image for After you get Hitched go Honeymoon in Costa Rica

    Costa Rica has always been a popular destination in Central America for LGBT travelers. If you’re planning a honeymoon and can’t decide […]

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    Thumbnail image for Hotel Ocho for your Toronto Destination Wedding

    The ambiance, the food, the high ceilings; Hotel Ocho in downtown Toronto is everything you need in a wedding venue. Built in […]

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    Thumbnail image for The Number One Bed and Breakfast in Canada for 2017

    If a quiet, cottage-style B&B with your partner and your pooch is on your dream honeymoon list, then you might […]

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    A cruise is a chance to visit new places, experience new adventures, discover new ways to play, and become part […]

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    Thumbnail image for Pledge your Love under the Skies of Mexico

    Mexico’s progressive anti-discrimination laws, along with its thrilling nightlife, great weather, friendly locals and old world charm make it a […]

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