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Calabretta Sartorial Menswear

7766 Martin Grove RD. Woodbridge, Ontario L4L 2C7 905 850-8262 Instagram Youtube

Company Details

Presenting a suit that is designed and made by Calabretta. Each suit is made to provide an experience for the wearer that is absolutely exquisite. Personally hand cut from the choicest fabric, from the hand of master craftsmen who employ tailoring at its highest discipline, with full canvas construction and hand finished details for a true Sartorial Experience.

Calabretta is one of the few tailors today practicing the Sartorial Arts, from the knowledge and tradition specially preserved from their European heritage, to provide a true tailored piece refined in excellence like no other suit, vest or custom made shirt on the market today. Each suit exemplifies character, from its hand stitching to embroidered details, which makes a Calabretta unmistakably a sartorial work of art.
Each Calabretta suit or jacket is made from Sartorial tradition and rare skills, that together with modern design, become the innovative factors that make Calabretta distinctive and highly sought after as custom tailors and designers for costume production in the film, theatre and television industries.

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